'Controversial Stance' Launches

By Christian
May 13, 2000 - 11:25 PM

In addition to Fred Shedian's long-running A Take On Trek column, we've put up a new bi-weekly column series, entitled 'Controversial Stance'. In these columns, Joe Beaudoin will be talking about important issues in Star Trek, often taking a position not generally accepted by fandom.

In his first column, Joe starts in style:

I have enjoyed Star Trek for many yahren. However my interest has waned very significantly toward the TNG after series (e.g. Deep Space Nine and Voyager), as well as these new "movies", as they are so-called. Now, more than ever, are fans proclaiming change -- a portion them anyway. However, I feel, with all due regret but relief analogously, that Trek must, for the good of Trek's Ideology and for the good of all fans, die.

Joe's reasons for this can be found in the full column.

As was to be expected, the column is already generating some interesting feedback from readers, and regular Trek Nation article contributor Michael Hinman even decided to write up a full response:

Life is just too short to spend time debating various issues online, and I have rarely seen the point to do so. We have all been created as individuals, and as individuals, we are going to have differing views than others. That is why IDIC plays so much in the lives of diehard Star Trek fans looking for a better future.

At the risk of starting a debate, and at the mercy of taking the bait to respond, I felt it was necessary to counter many points that were made in Joe Beaudoin's May 13 column, "Star Trek Must Die," that appeared here at the Trek Nation.

Click here for Michael's full article. If you'd also like to join the debate, please send in your mails to feedback@treknation.com, and we'll still be able to include it in the upcoming new mailbag edition!

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