Marina Sirtis Reflects On Trek

By Antony
April 13, 2003 - 10:38 PM

In a fan question and answer session on BBC radio, Marina Sirtis (Deanna Troi) has reflected on her character.

"We never really knew what Troi did in her spare time, apart from work out," she said to BBC Wiltshire (via TrekWeb).

"We saw her in a leotard on occasion doing, you know, like Kung Fooey-type things with Worf. But we never knew what her hobbies were or what she did on her down time. So I think that would've been quite interesting to find out what she did."

Marina also addressed the subject of a gay character in Star Trek. "I'm going to give the answer that Gene [Roddenberry] always used to give," she said, "and that is, how do you know who was gay and who wasn't? They didn't walk around with a sign saying 'I am gay'. So any of those people that you met as guest stars or saw sitting in Ten Forward or whatever, how do you know they weren't gay? He just didn't want it to be a 'thing'. He felt that by the 24th century, it wouldn't be a 'thing' and one wouldn't have to make a point of it."

The full audio interview with Sirtis, along with pictures, can be found here. Thanks to TrekWeb!

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