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By Antony
April 13, 2003 - 10:16 PM

Hello World!

I just love April Fools. I know it was two weeks ago, but this is my first site column since then. It's just nice to see websites, newspapers or just anyone really have a bit of fun for a day. I don't actually read newspapers anymore, so I don't know if there were many this year. In years gone by, it was always fun to see advertisers with their jokes. I imagine with the war on though, they were probably thin on the ground. That is, unless you're an African newspaper (link). I particular liked TrekWeb's April Fools about a musical Enterprise episode. Maybe I'm twisted, but it sounded a kinda good idea to me. If you're a Babylon 5 fan, you can check out my contribution to the day here.

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- What did you think of DS9's A and B stories?

- Do you think Q should make an appearance in Enterprise?

- Should Enterprise deal with the Klingon forehead issue?

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Trek Two Years Ago

  • 'The Court Martial Of Captain Janeway' Mailbag
    Captain Janeway was found not guilty of the charges against her, but still 33% believed she was guilty. Readers from both sides came together to give their views.

  • Kate Mulgrew: I've Grown To Love Science Fiction
    In an interview, Kate Mulgrew (Janeway) expalained that she'd grown to love science fiction. "When you're immersed in something and when you're devoted to it, you acquire a very genuine regard for it. I've studied science fiction. I've grown to love it in many ways I certainly never thought I would."

Poll Results

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Happy Birthday!

Happy birthday to Michael Ansara (Kang, Jeyal) who will be 81 on Tuesday.

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