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By Amy
April 13, 2001 - 5:41 PM

this image is copyright of ParamountWith 'Q2' safely aired on Wednesday, promotional attention has once more turned to the remaining un-aired Voyager episodes. Both the official site and UPN have released new photos for next week's episode, 'Author Author', in addition to a new synopsis of the following week's episode, 'Friendship One'.

this image is copyright of ParamountThe official site has a total of four new photos, one each of the real Tom Paris, Reginald Barclay & Admiral Paris, The Doctor & Tuvok and The Federation Arbitrator and Broht. UPN, on the other hand, has posted three new photos in addition to its synopsis, only one of which is visible - a faux 'Janeway' firing a phaser at an injured crewman. The other two may be found elsewhere on this page, while the photos from the official site are visible by following this link. Please note that these pictures are copyright of Paramount.

A misguided decision on Earth circa 2067 sends destruction to an alien planet in the form of nuclear radiation. Although Janeway believes they can reverse the effects for the few who remain, she is halted by their hostility and distrust for all things from Earth.

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