'Endgame' Novelisation Cover Released

By Christian
April 13, 2001 - 12:00 PM

'Endgame' Novelisation Cover - courtesy Psi Phi, copyright Pocket Books While Paramount has so far refused to confirm even the title of the upcoming Voyager finale, some semi-official information on the final Voyager episode did appear online today, in the form of the book cover of Pocket Books' novelisation of the final episode.

The cover, available now at Psi Phi shows Voyager orbiting what looks very much like Earth, and includes the title 'Star Trek: Voyager - Endgame'. The cover image itself apparently comes from an effect shot included in last Wednesday's Voyager episode, 'Q2.'

According to the cover, the actual episode was based on a story by Rick Berman & Kenneth Biller & Brannon Braga. The teleplay was written by Kenneth Biller & Robert Doherty.

As previously reported, the novelisation is currently being written by Diane Carey, and will include extra material by Christie Golden. Though not visible on this cover image, Golden's name will be present on the final cover. Due to scheduling issues, the book won't be published until a month after the show airs, but to make up for that, the extra material by Golden will take the Voyager story further into the future and serve as a prelude to a 2003 Voyager Novel Relaunch.

On Psi Phi's Star Trek Books BBS, Pocket Books Editor John Ordover commented on the decision to release the book in Trade Paperback rather than in the cheaper Mass Market Paperback format. "This late in the game, we need the extra time that doing the story in Trade Paperback will bring us," he explained. "For some reason, the deadlines are looser in trade paperback, possibly because there are fewer of them done in a year and there is more time on the press. [Also], with this late a shipping, after the episode, we just won't sell enough in mass market to make it worth doing."

"Gotta tell you, this was a quandry," he continued. "We came very close to not doing the novelization at all, because the time frame was wrong. But we hated to not do it. The only solution was trade paperback due to the above problems. Those who still want the book a month after the show airs will be able to get it, even if they have to pay more for it."

The 'Endgame' title was first revealed a month ago, along with the first plot information for the show. Reportedly, part of the show will take place 23 years in the future, when Janeway is an Admiral and Tuvok is in an asylum, claiming Janeway is an impostor. The episode will also feature characters such as Lieutenant Miral Paris, the full-grown daughter of Tom Paris and B'Elanna Torres, and Sabrina, the nine-year old daugher of Naomi Wildman.

To get a bit more information about the 'Endgame' novelisation, including a larger version of the image, please follow this link to Psi Phi.

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