20-Second 'Author, Author' Promo Available

By Christian
April 13, 2001 - 12:28 AM

'Author, Author' promo - copyright Paramount Pictures, courtesy Vidiot After 'Q2' aired last night, UPN debuted the promo for next week's Voyager episode, 'Author, Author. As outlined in our extensive synopsis published earlier this week, much of the episode is set in a novel created by the Holodoc, featuring the crew of the Starship Vortex. In the promo, we already get to see many of the alternate versions of Voyager crew members present in the episode.

Courtesy of Mr. Video Productions, a digitised version of the clip is now available. For the bandwidth-impaired, here is first a full transcript of the clip:

[Voyager flying past a planet]


[Profile shot of Seven of Nine]
[Text: '6 new episodes']
[Profile shot of Tom Paris]
[Profile shot of Chakotay]
[Profile shot of B'Elanna Torres]
[Profile shot of Harry Kim]
[Profile shot of Tuvok]
[Profile shot of Kathryn Janeway]


[Harry Kim in a turbolift, playing the role of the EMH, together with Kymball and Tulvak, who points a phaser at an off-camera person.]
Tulvak: "Step aside."


[In Astrometrics, Tuvok raises his eyebrow at something, while Janeway and the Holodoc sit in the back.]
[A close-up of Lieutenant Mariselles (Paris), with moustache, smiling, with what looks like his wife Torat in the background.]
[Tom Paris, playing the role of the EMH, confronts Mariselles, with Katany in the background.]
Tom Paris: "Nice moustache."
[The Doctor, talking to One of Three, with another version of the Doctor (in a red uniform) looking on.]
The Doctor: "What seems to be the problem, One of Three?"
[Close-up on One of Three, looking very vulnerable]
One of Three: "It hurts when I do this."
[Close-up on Seven of Nine, turning around, looking surprised.]
[One of Three demonstrates, turning her shoulders]
The Doctor: "Well, then don't do it!"
[The Doctor, laughing]
[The observing Doctor in red holds his head in his hands, exasperated]


['Star Trek: Voyager - The Final Season' Logo]

To download the clip, available as a 4 MB MPEG file, please click here. Thanks go out to Vidiot for digitising the promo, which itself is of course copyrighted by Paramount.

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