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By Christian
April 13, 2000 - 10:48 PM

Over at's Star Trek Fans, Julia Houston has put up several new features over the past few days. In the first place, she's uploaded a new article in her Best of Trek series, analysing DS9's 'In The Pale Moonlight':

Of the five Treks we've gotten so far, DS9 is the darkest, which is why for some fans it's the best.

The darkness of DS9 isn't just sorrow for sorrow's sake, or even nitty-gritty cynicism, but a refusal to whitewash. The best episodes of the series explore the price for the Federation's security in a galaxy that doesn't value what it values.

If TNG reflects the somewhat limited optimism of America in the 80s, DS9 reflects the inevitable backlash. Many episodes end in tragedy to demonstrate the near hopelessness of the Federation's goals, and, interestingly, the main goal of the show established in the first season, getting Bajor into the Federation, is never realized. This failure, multiple meaningless character deaths, and the constant drain of Federation resources from the wars, the Maquis, and whoever else was heading in or out of the wormhole sometimes made the "near" part of "near hopelessness" very near indeed.

In addition to this article, Julia's put up a new list, summing up ten Ways to Tell You've Compromised Your Principles on Star Trek, including items such as "9. Garak keeps sending you these highly approving nods and smiles across the replimat" or "2. You start rapping for".

Finally, several new entries have been added to other lists, as you can see on Star Trek Fans' What's New page.

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