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Enterprise Sets Might Be Shipped To Vancouver

By Michelle
March 13, 2005 - 2:14 AM

A long-time insider reports that the Star Trek: Enterprise finale does indeed focus on a holographic simulation, and says that there's a rumour that the show's sets and props may be moved to Vancouver, possibly for another season or a new film.

SFX's longtime source Trekspy is out of a job at Paramount after leaking news to the magazine for many years. He said that he was unable to sneak away with any souvenirs from Enterprise, since "they've actually brought in cameras to watch everything...nothing's too small." All set pieces and props are being stored, he said, adding, "There's a rumor that things might go up to Vancouver." He believed that if the right deal was offered, another season might film in Canada.

However, for the time being, "there's no word on a new series", nor on a new Trek film. TrekSpy said that Scott Bakula had given an unhappy speech about how the entertainment business was changing during the series' final days. The insider also said that former New York mayor Rudy Giuliani had visited the set with new Paramount Pictures president Brad Grey.

Asked about speculation that the final episode would work like the infamous shower episode on Dallas, which rendered the entire previous season all a dream and therefore not a part of series canon, TrekSpy said that he couldn't rule out the possibility that all the events of Enterprise might prove to be a holographic simulation watched by Riker and Troi. "Sirtis and Frakes were there," he said. "I didn't see the script, but we shot them against a big green screen, which I guess was meant to be a holodeck maybe the rumors are true."

The original news item is from SFX.

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