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By Christian
March 13, 2001 - 4:23 PM

In 'The Q and the Grey', Kathryn Janeway agreed to be the Godmother of Q's newly-born baby. According to a newly released plot synopsis, in the upcoming episode 'Q2' Janeway's Godchild will come back to haunt her, as she is forced to act as the young Q's full mother for a week.

Fandom.com's Star Trek Central just posted a full synopsis of 'Q2', based on a shooting script for the episode. Below is a short summary of the most important plot points in the episode:

The basic premise of 'Q2' is that Q brings his son Q2 on vacation to Voyager, in order to show him those Humans he always talked about. Unfortunately, Q2 ends up harrassing the whole crew, and even causes three Borg cubes to appear and fight Voyager. Upon seeing this, Q confides to Janeway that rather than bring peace and compassion to the Continuum, as he had been intended to, Q2 has brought more chaos to the Continuum and the universe. It went so far that Q2's mother disowned him and blamed Q for everything.

Concluding that he's not a good parent, Q (along with the Continuum) decides to remove Q2's powers from him, and place him under the care of Kathryn Janeway for a period of a week. If in that time he proves he is worthy, he will have his powers reinstated, if not, he will be turned into an amoeba.

Q2 spends a week on Voyager, joining Icheb in taking lessons, getting sports training from Tuvok, piloting the Delta Flyer with Paris, and writing with Janeway. When he presents his essay 'I, Q. An Insider's View of the Continuum' to Janeway, Q Senior also appears, and doesn't hide his disappoinment over the mundane things Q2 is learning from the Voyager crew. An upset Q2 flees to his quarters, and Q explains that his soon needs to display "exemplary Q-ness".

His son, meanwhile, is getting worried that the Continuum will never accept him back, and he steals the Delta Flyer, taking an unwilling Icheb along with him. Q2 manages to escape from Voyager by using the Delta Flyer's phasers to blast through the shuttle door, and then creating a spatial distortion to end up in a whole new region of space. Here, however, the Delta Flyer is attacked by an alien ship, and Icheb is hit by the energy beam from the alien vessel.

Q2 brings the ship back to Voyager, urging them to be angry at him later and save Icheb first. Unfortunately, the Doctor is unable to cure Icheb without knowing more about the weapon that hit him, and Janeway tells him that he needs to go back to apologise to the captain of the alien ship, and ask him for information on the alien vessel.

Janeway and Q2 take the Delta Flyer back to the alien ship, and the captain agrees to give them the information they want, but also says Janeway will have to be punished for Q2's actions. Q2 stands up for Janeway, saying he'll take the blame, and the alien captain turns into Q, who explains that this was all a test. At the end of the episode, Q2 is reinstated in the Q Continuum, though Q has to agree to having eternal custody of his son. As Q2 zaps away, Q quickly follows, but not before giving Janeway a little 'thank-you' - a way to take several years of Voyager's journey home.

For more about the episode, including a description of the naked-Seven-scene that will undoubtedly end up in the UPN promo as well as information on a scene involving three Q judges dressed in the well-known attire from 'Encounter at Farpoint', please read the full synopsis. Of course, be aware that it does contain major spoilers for practically every scene of 'Q2', and may affect your enjoyment of the episode when you see it.

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