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Okuda Makes Five Number Four

By Amy
March 13, 2001 - 6:52 AM

Michael Okuda is name most Star Trek fans are likely to recognise - if not as the man who's held the Scenic Arts Supervisor position for almost three full Star Trek series, then as the person who designed the LCARS computer system. Now, according to this report at official site, the veteran of almost 15 years of Star Trek is set to sign on for the next round.

Okuda started his long association with Star Trek in 1987 when he became a scenic artist on the Next Generation production staff. By the time 'Deep Space Nine' came along in 1993, he was already supervisor of the department, overseeing Star Trek's graphics and on-set video. He's also been the Scenic Arts Supervisor for every 'modern' Star Trek film since 'Star Trek V: The Final Frontier' and, recognised as one of the foremost experts on Star Trek history with more than a passing interest in modern space exploration, sometimes serves as a technical advisor to the writing staff.

Michael is married to fellow Star Trek staffer Denise Okuda, currently a video supervisor for 'Star Trek: Voyager' and a former member of the Deep Space Nine production team herself. Together the couple have written a number of Star Trek related books, including 'Star Trek Chronology: The History of the Future'.

Michael has received three Emmy nominations for 'Best Visual Effects' during his 14 years with the franchise. His other credits include 'The Flash' and the never-released American version of cult Brittish sci-fi comedy, 'Red Dwarf'. He will be joining fellow long-time Trek associates Herman Zimmerman (Production Designer) and John Eaves (Senior Illustrator) as part of the team creating the look for Series V. There is still no official confirmation of the name of the new series, nor its premise or star date.

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