Voyager Final Three Info

By Amy
March 13, 2001 - 5:40 AM

The official site has once more broken its silence regarding the three episodes proceeding the series finale - 'Natural Law', 'Destiny' and 'Renaissance Man'.

However, in another break, this time from their standard procedure when preforming updates of this nature, the site has yet to publish both the cast and character lists for the episodes in question. They have also neglected to post synopses for them, marking them instead as 'classified', while the cast information is simply non-existant. This appears to be a bid to build up curiosity while at the same time keeping spoilers to an absolute minimum before the episodes air.

The site has, however, posted the crew listings and production information, which can be found below. We've also included the summaries posted in a previous report at the site. Thanks go out to Lee Jamilkowski for the tip!


Production Number: 268
Original Airdate: 05.02.01
Stardate: Unknown
Summary: CLASSIFIED (In which Seven of Nine and Chakotay find themselves marooned in a hostile primitive environment.)


Story by: Kenneth Biller & James Kahn
Teleplay by: James Kahn
Directed by: Terry Windell
Executive Producers: Rick Berman, Kenneth Biller


Production Number: 269
Original Airdate: 05.09.01
Stardate: Unknown
Summary: CLASSIFIED (In which Neelix is reunited with his people as he tries to save an imperiled Talaxian settlement.)


Written by: Raf Green
Directed by: LeVar Burton
Executive Producers: Rick Berman, Kenneth Biller


Production Number: 270
Original Airdate: 05.16.01
Stardate: Unknown
Summary: CLASSIFIED (In which The Doctor must become a master of disguise to save Captain Janeway.)


Story by: Andrew Shepard Price & Mark Gaberman
Teleplay by: Mike Sussman & Phyllis Strong
Directed by: Mike Vejar
Executive Producers: Rick Berman, Kenneth Biller

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