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By Christian
March 13, 2000 - 11:41 PM

Over at Space Imagined, they've put up two new Star Trek reviews. In the first review, guest writer Tom Janulewicz takes a look at 'Gemworld', a two-novel TNG adventure by John Vornholt. Janulewicz isn't that positive about the novel, calling it a bit too formulaic:

Star Trek is all about formula. The franchise has survived for over 30 years by remaining faithful to its master recipe, and Gemworld is no exception. The story features all the requisite ingredients of a textbook Star Trek episode - ingredients -- world shattering threats, moral dilemmas, misguidedly malicious aliens who hamper the crew's efforts to save the day, and a torturous romantic sub-plot.

Like televised Trek, Gemworld also suffers from "last act" syndrome. Vornholt puts his characters through hundreds of pages of questing after the items needed to save the day. Inevitably, this plan fails, and the resolution of the story is delivered largely as deus ex machina.

You can find the full 'Gemworld' review by clicking here. In addition, staff writer Kenneth Silber has put up another weekly Voyager review, this time analysis 'Child's Play'. As usual, the review is split up into various sections, including a short analysis, a snippet of which you can see here:

"Child's Play" is a well-crafted episode that thrives on psychological subtlety. The shifting emotions and behaviors of Icheb and his parents unfold intriguingly. Seven's reactions to the mercurial teen's situation reveal an unexpected self-awareness regarding her own troubled past.

The full review contains a more in-depth analysis, a synopsis of the episode, quotes and a list of 'dangling plot threads'.

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