Section 31 Previews 'Armada'

By Christian
March 13, 2000 - 11:30 PM

Tim Hansen at Section 31 has put up a review of the 'Star Trek: Armada' multiplayer beta test version, which was released by Activision several weeks ago. Awarding the game a total score of 33/50, Hansen is fairly positive:

Keep in mind this is only the multiplayer BETA and not a finished product. These ratings are not final. The multiplayer BETA of the game is stunning despite it being an unfinished product. Just about all of my expectations were met in Armada, namely that is remain true to the Trek universe and the time frame it represents. Once finished it will be one of the best Star Trek based games to date.

I would've like to have seen more more ship classes in the game, especially where the Federation is concerned. With the license Activision has for this game they could've included the Prometheus class, Intrepid class, Saber class, Norway class, Ambassador class, and a playable Galaxy class (this class is in the game, but not as a regularly offered ship class). I would've also like to have seen the Dominion and possibly even the Cardassians offered as a playable empire in multiplayer games despite their status in the Trek universe in this time period. The single player Star Trek Armada BETA is due to be released in the coming week.

In the full review, Hansen provides separate analyses of the game's graphics, audio and gameplay, as well as providing a section with strategy hints for players.

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