'Klingon Academy' Demo Review

By Christian
March 13, 2000 - 11:01 PM

Gus Lane at PC Gameworld has put up a review of the 'Klingon Academy' demo, which was recently released by Interplay. In his review, Lane talks about the features of the demo, the ships seen in it, its graphics (noting that the maximum screen resolution is only 640*480, something I hadn't seen mentioned before), and the gameplay improvements:

Some features could be added or dropped. Now getting to the demo, I have played a lot of space sims and at one point or another I have always imagined that I was in the Star Trek Universe (and that includes StarFleet Academy). I was very happy to learn that Klingon Academy would simulate Star Trek's capital ship combat.

StarFleet Academy (SFA) was a big disappointment. Many gamers felt that ship combat was way too fast for the capital ships of Star Trek. It seemed like playing a Wing Commander or a Janes game more so than piloting a large ship. Klingon Academy seeks to remedy this by slowing things down a bit. Capital ship combat is slower, but I get the distinct feeling that I am moving slower only. The AI ships are much better than I am at maneuvering and turning. The interface is also an improvement over SFA, which was very awkward and cumbersome. There is now a Verbal Order System (VOS) where issuing commands are as easy as pressing the keyboard and you don't even have to leave the bridge to do it. There are pre-set macros for energy distribution to accommodate any situation, including hunting for cloaked ships, repairing your vessel, configure for warp speed and battling your enemies.

You can find the full review by going here. Thanks go out to Blue's News for pointing me to this!

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