Model Enterprise NX-01 Revealed

By Caillan
February 13, 2002 - 5:07 AM

'NX-01 Model' photo - courtesy, copyright Art Asylum/Paramount Pictures The model of Captain Archer's Enterprise was shown to the public for the first time recently at the 2002 Toy Fair in New York.

Twelve inches long, the model NX-01 features authentic Enterprise sound effects, reported. Features include phase cannon and torpedo noises, the voices of the bridge crew and light-up warp nacelles.

According to Digger, the president of manufacturers Art Asylum, the NX-01 is only the initial model in the toy vehicle range. Asked about the possibility of a Klingon warship, he replied the alien races were his favourites and would make only their ships if given the opportunity.

'Bridge Playsets' photo - courtesy, copyright Art Asylum/Paramount Pictures The Enterprise bridge playset, seen here to the left, was also on show at the Toy Fair. Each segment of the bridge will come with the deluxe versions of the Archer, Reed, T'Pol and Mayweather action figures to form the entire set.

Art Asylum plans to release figures of the NX-01 crew in their away team suits, Shran from 'The Andorian Incident' and the Nausicaan Captain seen in 'Fortunate Son.' Photos of this upcoming range can be found here.

Full coverage of the Enterprise Toy Fair exhibit, including further images of all the action figures and the phase pistol toy, can be found here at Photos depicting the creation of the figures are available at the Art Asylum web site. Thanks to Jason Reynolds for this!

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