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An archive of Star Trek News

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By Christian
February 13, 2001 - 11:31 PM

  • TV Zone 135 - copyright Visual Imaginations Publications Issue #135 of the British TV Zone Magazine contains capsule reviews of three recent episodes of 'Star Trek: Voyager'. Matt Dettmar awarded 'Critical Care' and 'Inside Man' a 6 and a 3, respectively, while Dan Ranger awarded 'Body and Soul' a 7.

  • The J-Team, the only cult on the net religiously devoted to Kathryn Janeway, have released a new edition of their 'Red Alert' newsletter. This month's edition includes an interview with 'Strange New Worlds III' writer Mary Wiecek, new fanfic, articles on Janeway/Chakotay, and more.

  • Voting in the TOS section of the 2000 ASC Awards has begun. Polls will close, depending on your timezone, between the 21st and 22nd of February. To learn how to participate, either follow this link or drop off by the alt.startrek.creative newslist.

  • UPN has revealed an '11 episodes left' Voyager poster on their main page.

  • FASA, the company responsible for the original Star Trek role-playing game, was recently forced to close down due to disappointing sales. A short retrospective look at the company can be found in Ken Hite's new 'Out of the Box' column at

  • Terry Farrell (Jadzia Dax) will be on Hollywood Squares this week on CBS, according to the show's official site. Farrell starred on 'Deep Space Nine' for that show's first six seasons, and currently has a role on the comedy series 'Becker'.

  • 'Voyager' home network UPN has begun production on 'Chains of Love', a relationship game show that will feature a man or a woman being chained to four strangers of the opposite sex for four consecutive days, with one of them hopefully ending up as their soul mate. More info on the show, which rather shamefully is actually of Dutch origin, can be found here at Zap2It.

  • According to a poll that is currently running at the Sci-Fi Wire, 71% of the site's visitors would like Series V to still have the words 'Star Trek' in the title. Executive Producer Rick Berman recently said this may not actually be the case.

  • is now taking nominations for their 1st Annual Fanny Awards, with categories such as 'Best TV Series', 'Best Single Episode-TV' and 'Best 'Shippy Moment'. Should you wish to nominate Voyager for any of the categories, you can do so here.

  • John Logan was one of the four writers who with the 'Gladiator' script were nominated for the 'Best Original Screenplay' Oscar. Logan is currently working on the script for the next Star Trek film.

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