Gorn 'A Possibility' for 'Enterprise' Says Berman

By Antony
January 13, 2003 - 8:11 PM

Enterprise executive producer Rick Berman spoke recently about the return of familar faces to the Star Trek franchise.

One race that could possibly appear in Enterprise is the Gorn, an alien race seen in TOS. "That's actually been discussed," Berman told Star Trek: Monthly (via Sci Fi Pulse). "There was a time I did not think we'd see the Andorians on Enterprise, and we've since done a number of episodes with them. So the Gorn are certainly a possibility."

Berman also revealed that a familar actress would be in an upcoming episode. "We've got Suzie Plakson guest starring on Enterprise," he said of the actress that previously played Dr. Selar, K'Ehleyr and Miss Q in Star Trek. "Plakson is an Andorian episode and she's playing one of our Blue-Skinned beauties." Berman added that Jeffrey Combs (Brunt and Weyoun) would be returning in the episode as Shran, the third time he's played the Andorian.

When asked if Martha Hackett (Seska) might appear in Enterprise, Berman replied: "Who knows? I don't think you'll see her as Seska, simply given the different times in which the shows are set. But she could play another kind of alien."

Berman also addressed cuts to 'Nemesis'. "As everyone knows, the first cut of 'Nemesis' was too long and we had to lose a bunch of stuff." One of the scenes that was removed was a joke referring to seat belts. "I've always thought it was silly that the characters on all of the series were bounced around and grabbing a hold of things to steady themselves. It seemed to me that seatbelts or some kind of restraints would be an obvious thing, but it was never like that on the original series or The Next Generation."

Deleted scenes from the film may appear on the DVD when it is released, according to Berman. Although it's unlikely we'll see any bloopers on DVD, we will be seeing them more in the future. "I have been opposed to gag reels simply because Star Trek is something that always borders on the silly.

"You've got people flying at impossible speeds and spaceships defying gravity. You've got a lot of things that are accepted, but that are almost scientifically ridiculous. It's so easy to turn it into a parody. I've been asked to put together an Enterprise blooper reel for a CBS project, and I agreed to do it. So I'm loosening up a little in that area."

Berman admitted that Patrick Stewart (Jean-Luc Picard) was partially responsible for the lack of bloopers up until now. "A lot of the reason we didn't do blooper reels for The Next Generation was that Patrick was very opposed to them."

The full interview with Berman can be found in issue 101 of the UK's Star Trek: Monthly. Further excerpts are available here at Sci-Fi Pulse.

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