Shatner Appears On Stern

By T'Bonz
December 12, 2008 - 4:32 AM

William Shatner has appeared on Howard TV where he was kidded about his wealth, Shatner-Takei "feud", and Star Trek XI.

As reported by Howard TV On Demand, Shatner visited the Howard Stern studio to talk candidly with Stern. Stern began the interview by grilling Shatner about his wealth, to which Shatner replied, "I'm worthless. My self-image is so bad that I came on here and [Robin] said I'm not great and I agree with her."

Shatner was asked if he was offered a cameo in Star Trek XI. Saying that he had not been offered one, the former Captain Kirk expressed his disappointment in not being included in the newest Star Trek movie.

Stern asked Shatner if he had been invited to George Takei'swedding. "Not to my knowledge," replied Shatner. Stern then played a clip of Takei in which Takei called Shatner's stability into question. Jokingly, Shatner agreed with the assessment. However, Shatner appeared to have no grudge against Takei, and hopes to have Takei on his new talk show, Raw Nerve. "When you leave this life," said Shatner, "wouldn't it be better not to have any animus anywhere?"

Information on Howard TV On Demand is located here.

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