News Bullets

By Michelle
December 12, 2005 - 10:14 PM

  • CNN has confirmed Paramount's purchase of Dreamworks SKG for $775 million in cash while assuming $825 million of Dreamworks' debt, bringing director-producer Steven Spielberg to Paramount.

  • Just in time for the holidays, TNT will air Patrick Stewart's A Christmas Carol on Wednesday, December 14th at 9:00 p.m. Eastern time.

  • The Musical Society at the University of Michigan has announced that the Royal Shakespeare Company will return to the University of Michigan campus for a three-week residency in October and November 2006, featuring performances of Antony and Cleopatra, Julius Caesar and The Tempest, with Stewart (Picard) in leading roles.

  • On his official web site, William Shatner (Kirk) explained that he will not be able to attend the SF Ball in Bournemouth this coming February because of his production schedule on Boston Legal. He also wished fans a safe and happy holiday.

  • iTunes has posted Shatner's playlist, which includes several of his own songs from Has Been, plus Beethoven, Mozart and John Coltrane. Thanks to Jungle Kitty.

  • Section 31 has a new review of the Deep Space Nine episode "Cardassians."

  • Psi Phi reports that Robert Sheckley, author of the Deep Space Nine novel The Laertian Gamble has died.

  • Eugene "Rod" Roddenberry and Trek United may join forces to try to save, according to Save Enterprise.

  • has mini-reviews of Enterprise's fourth season episodes.

  • Decipher has a feature on the "Escape Pod" four-cost core event in the second edition of the Star Trek CCG.

  • The Star Trek Gaming Universe has a wiki dedicated to the MMOG Star Trek Online in English, French and German.

  • IGN has an editorial on heterosexism in Star Trek.

  • A review of Life as We Do Not Know It in The Space Review begins, "Alien life has been one of the staples of science fiction since the origins of the genre, and Star Trek, one of its best-known examples, has hardly shied away from it." Thanks to Bill.

  • And The Digital Bits claims that this time work is really truly underway on the DVD release of Star Trek: The Animated Series!

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