Montgomery Wants To Do Trek Movies

By Michelle
December 12, 2005 - 7:59 PM

Anthony Montgomery said he wished he could do more conventions, but he's been very busy with many other projects from a documentary about his grandfather Wes Montgomery to his new rap album. And he admits he still hasn't watched the controversial Star Trek: Enterprise finale "These Are the Voyages..."

"I just donít want to sit down and watch something that might potentially upset me," Montgomery told of the episode that gave short shrift to the Enterprise actors to spotlight guest appearances by two Next Generation stars. "It was an incredible journey for me, so I just want to look at all the positives." He said he owns the DVDs and "they're not going anywhere."

Montgomery also would be happy to reprise his role as Travis Mayweather on the big screen. "I think it would be wonderful," he noted. "It was really fun working with all those guys Ė not just the cast, but the guys behind the camera too."

Presently the actor is working on an independent feature film, Burgundy Corona, written by Third Watch's Charles Murray. In addition to that movie, he is also working on creating a new animated television series.

"We're editing right now," he said of the 60 hours of footage he has shot about the jazz great who was his mother's father. "He died before I was born, so through this documentary I'm able to discover an icon that I never knew."

As for his rap album, Montgomery labeled the music "positive hip hop" and said, "Not that Iím preaching to anyone but I wanted to do music where Iím actually telling a story." One of the tracks, "Trek", pays tribute to Enterprise.

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