'Doctor's Orders' Details Revealed

By Kristine
December 12, 2003 - 8:14 PM

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Dr. Phlox will have to keep the crew safe during a particularly deadly spacial distubance in the upcoming Enterprise episode "Doctor's Orders."

StarTrek.com revealed that in the sixteenth episode of the season, the crew would encounter a trans-dimensional disturbance. Dr. Phlox is forced to put the crew of the ship into comas in order for them to be able to survive the anomaly.

The episode will air on February 18th, 2004, in the middle of February sweeps. It follows up sweeps opener Harbinger, the episode that will see a Hayes/Reed showdown, and is also rumored to bring T'Pol and Trip together romantically. "Harbinger" airs on February 11th.

"Doctor's Orders" will be directed by Roxann Dawson (B'Elanna Torres). This will be the third episode of Enterprise that she has directed this season, following "Exile" and "Chosen Realm". Chris Black wrote the episode. Black, who has been written for Enterprise since the first season, penned such episodes as "Fallen Hero", "First Flight" and "The Shipment".

This episode will be the first Phlox-centric episode of the season. Phlox also featured heavily in the first season episode "Dear Doctor", when he advised Archer not to help a dying species because it would have interferred with their evolution. Phlox also was spotlighted in last year's episode "The Breach", where he was forced to confront a patient who refuses treatment because of his species' conflict with the Denoblans.

To see the episode guide entry for "Doctor's Orders," visit StarTrek.com.

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