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An archive of Star Trek News

Trek X News Roundup

By Caillan
December 12, 2002 - 4:54 PM

  • In an interview with TrekWeb, Patrick Stewart (Jean-Luc Picard) talked about his first encounter with Tom Hardy (Shinzon). "The first time I saw Tom was on a very bizarre bit of home video that he made. I donít know what he was doing. It was very dark, you could barely see; he was in a hotel room in Morocco. He was naked, he told you that? Well it was certainly bizarre!" The complete article can be found here.

  • Sci-Fi Talk will air all its 'Nemesis' interviews on Friday, December 13. One of the interviews is with Tom Hardy, who talks about portraying a clone. "I don't know any clones. So you have to use your imagination. This is a human being that you're playing. I know it's set in science fiction and it's set in the future and we don't know as yet that there are races like the Remans, but there could well be." Read brief transcripts or listen to the interviews themselves at the site's 'Nemesis' section.

  • has posted the transcript of its chat with 'Nemesis' scribe John Logan. In this excerpt he discusses the film's themes:

    The whole movie is really about the question of destiny and what it is to be human. That's something that Picard and Data and Shinzon grapple with through the entire story. There are some pretty intense scenes dealing with those issues. For me, Star Trek works best when it's grappling with moral issues head-on.

    More from Logan is available at this page.

  • Robert Kozinets, assistant professor of marketing at Northwestern University, said 'Star Trek Nemesis' will appeal to audiences in the current political climate. "The movie, one of the most dark and violent in the series, comes at a time when the American public is seeking the reassurance that comes with clear moral guidance, and also anticipates the outbreak of a war based on moral differences." Read more at

  • Over at his official web site, Wil Wheaton (Wesley Crusher) expressed his disappointment at not being invited to the 'Nemesis' world premiere. Thanks to Matthew Klamm at for this!

  • A list of Trek X-related celebrations in Florida can be found at SyFy Portal.

  • The Associated Press has posted an article looking at all the Trek movie villains. A second AP villain piece, featuring comments from Patrick Stewart and John Logan, is available here.

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