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By Amy
December 12, 2000 - 11:50 PM

Following the acquisition of both AnotherUniverse and Cinescape over the past year, the expansion campaign is showing no signs of stopping, as the company recently announced it will be taking over convention organiser Creation Entertainment. Even more than was the case with the takeover a Cinescape, a respected property both online and offline, this recent takeover shows's intent to become an established SF company, as the 29-year-old Creation adds a completely new dimension to's business.

Creation Entertainment was founded in 1971 and actually invented the 'touring fan convention' concept. Based in California, the company not only runs fan conventions, but it also produces and distributes its own licensed merchandise from various tv shows and movies, from as broad a spectum as from 'Star Trek' to 'The Sopranos'., on the other hand, has undergone rapid expansion since its founding in July 1999, due partially to an agressive marketing and expansion campaign that first saw it recruit established web masters from various segments of fandom to run what it calls 'fandomains', un-official sites dedicated to tv shows, movies and comics. This was followed closely by the aquisition of Mania Magazine and merchandise site Another Universe, then by the aforementioned purchase of Cinescape. At presently, you can browse through topics ranging from horror flicks to Pokemon to Trek, buy Simpsons or Crocodile Hunter merchandise or sort through a miriad of news, reviews and articles on almost any topic you care to name. The downside, however, is that there are rigid format restrictions for its Fandomains, the same article often appears in more than one place or no-where at all and the young company, at times, seems somewhat unsure of what to do with it's new assets - a good example being the almost complete disappearance of AnotherUniverse, which was changed into the company's 'Fandomshop'.

Mark Young, CEO of, said that "Creation Entertainment brings the added excitement of live events to Fandom's already strong online and offline entertainment base" and that "[the] company's reputation as respected producer of fan conventions and merchandise allows Fandom to further its goal of being the leading source of entertainment and information for science fiction, horror and fantasy fans." He also said that it will add "an exciting new dimension to the Fandom experience".

It is not yet known what effect, if any, this will have on the day-to-day operations of Creation, which currently employs thirty people, or on the operations of itself, with the company having no prior experience in dealing with conventions. Gary Berman, co-CEO of Creation beleives that the two companies "are a perfect match because [their] products and services appeal to the same passionate demographic," while Adam Malin, co-CEO/Founder "looks forward eagerly to bringing its special brand of fan entertainment to Fandom`s worldwide audience."

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