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Five Episodes Spoiled

By Christian
December 12, 2000 - 11:43 PM

Over at the Star Trek Universe, Michael Iversen has put up plot info for the first five Voyager episodes to air after the show returns from reruns in January, from 'Shattered' to 'The Void'. Much of the info was already known, mostly from the synopses available on the official Star Trek site, but here's a summary of most of the new info:

  • 'Shattered' - a full synopsis for this episode is already available.

  • 'Lineage' - As previously reported, this is the episode in which Tom Paris and B'Elanna Torres find out that Torres is pregnant. The child turns out to be a girl, but unfortunately she has a spinal disorder that runs in Torres' family. Through gene resequencing, the Doctor repairs the problem, and this is what sets off Torres in her quest to change the DNA of her child, attempting to save her daughter from the problems she herself had as half-Klingon. This episode will feature several flashbacks to Torres' childhood.

  • 'Repentance' - In what sounds like an unusual plot for Voyager, in this episode the ship reportedly comes to the aid of a prison ship, and ends up transporting several death row inmates to their executions. Apparently, one of the murderers on the ship is severely hurt by the guards, and while trying to save him, the Doctor injects Borg nano-probes into his brain. These instill a sense of guilt in him, and he turns into a model citizen. The Voyager crew tries to have his life spared, but the family of his victim has him executed anyway.

  • 'Prophecy' - This is the episode in which Voyager encounters a Klingon generational ship. The Klingons aboard the ship are all infected by a fatal genetic disease, presumably result of the inbreeding that occurred on the ship over the generations. For the past three generations, the Klingons have been looking for 'a sign', and they believe that Torres' child is their Messiah. The episode will feature Torres coming to grips with her Klingon heritage, and helping the leader of the Klingons convince his followers that her child is indeed the one, so that they can finally stop wandering through the universe and settle down. Before this happens, though, the genetic disease is passed on to Torres and her unborn child, but the Doctor is able to come up with a cure from the baby's blood, convincing the Klingons that the child really is their saviour. At the end of an episode, they settle down on a nearby planet.

  • 'The Void' - 'Voyager' is sucked into a region of space from which there is no escape: 'The Void'. The name fits the place well: there are no resources at all to be found here, and the people that have already been trapped in the void survive by attacking newcomers and stealing their stuff the minute they come in. Janeway starts a coalition and is able to get several ships to work together, eventually allowing them to escape from the void. The concept sounds somewhat similar to the classic Animated Series episode, 'Time Trap'.
The original synopses from the Star Trek Universe can be found by going to this page. Apologies go out to everyone for missing this news when it first came out, and thanks go out to Gustavo Leao for pointing us to it.

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