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More 'Star Trek XI' Details

By T'Bonz
November 12, 2008 - 1:12 AM

More information has emerged about Star Trek XI as those who were privileged to see the twenty-minute preview share their knowledge of the film's events.

As reported by Den of Geek!, a fourth scene of the movie concerns an attempt by Kirk, Sulu and "red-shirt Olson" to stop a Romulan drill from causing a singularity which will engulf Vulcan. Meanwhile, Spock gives Chekov the helm and beams down to Vulcan to save the Vulcan Senate and his parents. He has also given orders to evacuate the planet in the few minutes remaining until it is swallowed up by the singularity.

Meanwhile, TrekMovie has some updates courtesy of a reader who saw the Star Trek XI preview. In the first "bar fight" scene: Uhura was in a red/orange cadet uniform and Kirk was in civilian clothes; Pike urges Kirk to join Starfleet and tells him that he could spend four years in training and have a ship in eight years; Pike mentions Kirk's father, who was lost on the USS Kelvin, but who saved many lives in the short time he was in command.

In the second scene, where McCoy uses trickery to get Kirk aboard the Enterprise: Kirk flirts with a nurse in Sickbay; Kirk goes to Pike to warn him about the "lightning" at Vulcan saying that it is related to the loss of the USS Kelvin and involvement of the Romulans; Uhura is told to man communications because she alone speaks "all three dialects of Romulan;" Chekov has trouble with his voice ID due to his inability to pronounce "Victor," properly.

In the third scene, where Kirk meets both Scotty and elder Spock: they appear to be on the "frozen planet;" Scotty explains that his experimental beaming worked on fruit but "didn't turn out so well for Admiral Archer's beagle;" and in a scene reminiscent of Star Trek: The Voyager Home, Scotty is given his own equation from the future.

TrekMovie also reports that in the fourth scene that: Romulans are much more aggressive than original series or Star Trek: The Next Generation Romulans; Pike leaves Spock in command to go to the Romulan drilling rig with Kirk, Sulu and Olsen; Sulu and a Romulan have a fight scene.

Popwatch Blog has a picture of the new Enterprise, almost halfway down the page.

To read more, head to the articles located here and here. More descriptions of Star Trek XI can be found here, here.

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