Rossi And Okudas On Regenerating 'The Original Series'

By Christian
November 12, 2007 - 12:59 AM

The remastered DVD set of the original series offer viewers the opportunity to see side-by-side references of the original shots and the remastered ones.

Dave Rossi, Michael and Denise Okuda spoke recently with Starburst Magazine about their work for the new remastered version of the original series and their hopes of both keeping the original fan base happy while attracting new viewers. The DVD set of the remastered series can be used with both standard and high definition players.

"You have the original show’s Enterprise in digital clarity that has never been seen before," said Okuda, quoted in Sci Fi Pulse. "You have new matte paintings, giving us greater scope on the planet surfaces. And you have occasional fun little things like, Gorns blinking. If you consider that Standard definition television approximates the clarity of a 16 – millimeter film image and HD approximates the clarity of 35 – millimeter film image, it’s like seeing it projected as a movie.”

Denise Okuda feels that fans will be impressed with the changes. "The first time the three of us viewed an episode that had been restored and cleaned up our jaws dropped. It is spectacular."

In additon to working as line producers on the remastered Star Trek, the Okudas work for NASA. They have designed specialized patches for several missions, including Ares, EVA and Exploration.

For more of the interview, head over to Sci Fi Pulse.

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