Ryan Looks Forward to Wedding, Wants Another Child

By Michelle
November 11, 2006 - 9:54 PM

Riding high on the success of Shark and her upcoming nuptials with the chef of the restaurant she co-owns, Jeri Ryan (Seven of Nine) says there is one more thing she would like: another child.

In an interview with USA Today, Ryan said that when she weds Christophe Eme in the Loire Valley next June, her 12-year-old son Alex will likely walk her down the aisle. Though Ryan had believed she would never marry again after the scandal of her divorce records ended the political career of Alex's father, Illinois politician Jack Ryan, she said Eme had changed her mind.

"When I met Christophe, I realized I did want that...it just felt right," she said, adding, "We are both dying to have a child as soon as possible." Ryan and Eme opened Ortolan together and have since earned favorable reviews and a list of celebrity patrons. The actress tries to serve as hostess twice a week.

Ryan is also busy on Shark, the new series with James Woods that CBS has picked up for the season. She plays District Attorney Jessica Devlin, who has a house that Ryan says resembles her own, including a big gourmet kitchen.

Eme proposed to Ryan while she was shooting the pilot for Shark, Ryan said. "He covered my eyes, took me up to our bedroom and had candles everywhere, champagne on ice, and above the fireplace mantle, he painted on a huge canvas (in French) 'And you come with me forever.'"

The full interview is here.

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