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By Christian
November 12, 2000 - 11:47 PM

Over at the Trek Nation, Amy Hightower today put up a new review of 'The Genesis Wave, Book One, written by John Vornholt. Here's part of her review:

There is little in literature that annoys me more than a bad ending. Bad endings can take many forms depending on the novel, from the death of the best character to 'they all lived happily ever after' to a one-chapter conclusion. But what ever form it takes, you invariably end up feeling cheated, robbed of a fitting conclusion to what, in often cases, is a wonderful story. Unfortunately, this book is a prime example of the throwaway ending. But more on that later.

For the full review, click here.

Also new is a review by Ed Hines of 'Critical Care', this year's first major Holodoc story. Ed thought the episode wasn't really about something:

My trouble in composing this review was that I was struggling to find something "clever" about "Critical Care." Unfortunately, there really isn't anything. It has a relevant social issue, which continues a fine Star Trek tradition, and the Doctor acts as you would expect him to in his situation. His deliberate poisoning of Chellick isn't terribly shocking because you know he would never allow Chellick to die. Thus, with its ridiculous abduction premise and reset-button ending, this episode is pretty much a nonevent. But it was a nicely produced nonevent.

More can be read in the full review.

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