First 'Imperfection' Reviews

By Christian
October 13, 2000 - 12:03 AM

With 'Imperfection' having just aired a day ago, several reviews of the episode have of course again started appearing online:

  • First of all, Michelle Erica Green at Another Universe was quite impressed with the episode, adding in a long discussion on many of the characters' actions, which according to her is a good sign for the episode:

    I really like it when this show tackles weighty material and doesn't try to oversimplify the consequences of difficult decisions. The fact that I can rant in this much detail is proof that "Imperfection" works as a thoughtful, provocative episode.

    Read Green's rants, as well as an extensive summary, in the full review.

  • Also already available is O. Deus' review at TrekWeb, who starts out by commenting on the similarity of this show to many others:

    With Imperfection, Voyager ventures into ER\medical drama territory and emerges with an episode that has some good moments but really doesn't have much to distinguish it from average medical drama filler. There have already been far too many Voyager episodes that hinge on 7 of 9 and her emotional well-being. Now, contrary to the various impolite rumors that make their way around, this is not because of who Jeri Ryan may be dating, but because she's been cast as a Spock\Data character. Spock\Data characters tend to be the exotic other, the pivot of the show, the distinctive characters who refract and reinterpret humanity for human audiences. Plus 7 of 9 is also a new character and producers and writers have been known to respond to a feeling of ennui with existing characters by bringing in "exciting new characters" and devoting most of the attention to them. Combine the two with 7 of 9's costume and demographic "appeal" and the result is a Frakenstein's monster, a character guranteed to be one of the worst screen hogs of all time.

    For this full review, click here.

  • And finally, Shaun Whiteaker at Section 31 has posted his Review of the epiaode, in which he awards it an 8 out of 10.

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