New 'Drive' Promo

By Amy
October 12, 2000 - 1:55 PM

Media Trek has digitized the new promo clip for 'Drive' and made it available for download at their site. The promo includes footage of the much-speculated about marriage Paris/Torres marriage proposal, and the transcript of it can be found below.

This image is copyright of Paramount.  No infringement intended Paris (in 'Delta Flyer): Thrusters online.

Tuvok (on bridge): The racers are moving into position.

Voice-over: Next Wednesday on UPN. In a race where every second counts…

Torres (on Delta Flyer): Go!

Neelix (messhall): They're in the lead!

[Crew (viewing port) cheers]

Voice-over: …timing is everything

Paris (on Flyer): Will you marry me?

Torres (on Flyer): You're proposing now?!?

Voice-Over: An all new Voyager, next Wednesday at Nine, 8 central on UPN.

The file can be downloaded from here at Media Trek, or via our mirror site. please note that both the above image and video capture are copyright of Paramount.

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