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By Amy
October 12, 2000 - 9:33 AM

  • have recently conducted an interview with Douglas Hare of the Collective, the company producing the upcoming 'DS9 : The Fallen' game. In the interview, Douglas answers questions on the Unreal Tournament Engine the game is using, working with Paramount and the failure of previous Trek games, among other topics.

  • has previewed 'Star Fleet Command II'. Chris Kramer (who, incidentally, seems to possess a very stereotypical view of us trekkies/ers) says that "more and better are the key tenets behind the design of Vol. II" and that there no plans to make it easier for newbies to play.

  • Mike Gummelt has updated his .plan files with information on the slow loading times between levels on 'Star Trek: Voyager – Elite Force'. On the matter, he says: "If you're having long loading times, you're pushing your system too hard- drop your resolution/detail settings." However, there has been speculation, as shown by this story at PlanetCrap, that it may in fact be a fault with the game, not the gamers' computers.

  • In the first on many reviews today. Mushroom reviewer Patrick Hargis awarded 'Elite Force' 7.5/10 in his review of the game, finding it to be very good game, but only to a certain extent.

  • Reviewer Gil Alexander Shif of GameZone Online gave 'Elite Force' an overall rating of 8.6 in his review, scoring it above 8 in all categories save multiplayer.

  • Shawn Hawkins of NeoSeeker was also positive in his review, awarding the game in his review, giving it a score of 75%. He seemed particularly impressed with both the sound design and graphics & animation sequences.

  • Cloak and Gamer reviewer Jester awarded 'Elite Force' 4 swords in his review, commenting that "it makes up for the lack of plot with good game play".

  • Review number 5 comes live from Happy Puppy, whose reviewer, Jason D'Aprile, awards the game a 7.5/10, commenting like many others on it's short length.

  • 3D GameForce reviewer, Lucas "ss9267547" Pawelczyk, was very positive about 'Elite Force', awarding not only 9.5 stars but the "3DGF Editor's Force Award" in his review of the game.

  • Brian of Games Revolution awarded 'Elite Force' a B+ in his review, noting on both the terrific graphics and short game-play.

  • Star Trek: New Worlds was awarded 3 stars by Al Wildey at Games First in his review, calling it a "run-of-the-mill RTS".

  • Gamer's Pulse has also reviewed 'New Worlds', awarding it a somewhat surprising overall score of 85%, reviewer Adam 'Dead Regime' Ingles giving it 90% in both sound and graphics.

  • And finally, Decipher has updated it's site with news, pictures and reports from the recent DecipherCon, in addition to a short time about their acquisition of the Star Trek RPG license, both of which can be found from here

Thanks go out to Blue's News and Evil Avatar's for some of these.

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