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By Amy
October 12, 2000 - 4:47 AM has posted a re-print of an article that appeared in 'Star Trek Monthly U.K's' October edition on the re-design and restructuring of the official site. In it the site team talks about their plans for the site and gives a basic run-down of it's current features.

"There are other sites out there that don't subscribe to the same legal restrictions that we have, but our main objective is to provide up-to-date, official information and promote the shows, especially Star Trek: Voyager, which is probably the one that gets a bit of priority. When there's a new episode out, we want to give it a little splash, a picture on the front page, so we're creating an interest. We try to vary the features. We try to do something on the books and the authors, and some of the behind-the-scenes people. We've got a feature coming up on DVDs and CD soundtracks. Star Trek covers so much; it's so broad. We don't focus just on the show, we cover the whole 'universe,'" says the site editor.

Eliminating some of the confusing elements from the old site was the beginning of two months of redesigning and refining that started to be seen in March this year. "We have a traditional Web site look now," according to the producer. "We tried to use the new navigational elements that were more straightforward, rather than the Star Trek metaphors, which wound up confusing some people, especially casual fans who just wanted to experience more of Star Trek on the Web, rather than the dedicated people who were there from the start."

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