'Star Trek: Remastered' News and Notes

By Michelle
September 12, 2006 - 3:06 AM

As TrekToday initially reported here based on a rumour whose inaccuracies were quickly corrected by CBS (story), the original Star Trek will be rereleased in syndication this month with newly recreated special effects and theme music.

Photos have now been made available as well as a trailer to show fans exactly what they will be seeing when the remastered original series debuts, including clearer footage, more realistic portrayals of Earth and more dramatic special effects.

  • There is a low-resolution copy of the trailer for the remastered episodes on YouTube. "The ship hits the fans," explains the video, which shows the theme song being rerecorded and Dave Rossi and Michael and Denise Okuda discussing the project.

  • The Trek Movie Report has a summary page about CBS's plans to rerelease the original series in syndication with new special effects.

  • There is a Q&A on the remastering at the official site.

  • Dark Horizons compares original Star Trek footage with the new version.

  • And The IESB also has news from CBS about the future of Star Trek in syndication.

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