Braga, Spiner Talk 'Threshold' At Screening

By Michelle
September 12, 2005 - 9:56 PM

Brannon Braga and Brent Spiner both attended a press screening for Threshold held by Paramount last week and spoke about their post-Star Trek series.

"We're very excited. The reviews have been good so far," Braga told The IESB. "I think our show has a great cast and I think the concept is different enough from the other ones to set it apart. Ours kind of follows a government agency trying to investigate what's going on and takes place in this strange and rarified world, which I think is cool."

Braga added that the series would have storylines set all over the United States: "You never know where the show is going to take place from week to week." The characters, he said, would be"unraveling an ongoing mystery that will culminate in a seasonal puzzle."

Asked about Star Trek, however, the former executive producer said that to the best of his knowledge there were no immediate plans for a revival and he did not plan on returning in the near future even if there were.

Spiner, who plays "a doctor who is a genius of sorts" on Threshold, said that if he were taking bets, "I would say you'll never see me in [Data's] makeup again." However, he added, "You know what, never say never."

The original video clips are at The IESB.

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