Blalock To Appear on ABC's 'Lost'

By Michelle
September 12, 2005 - 7:43 PM

Star Trek: Enterprise's T'Pol, Jolene Blalock, will appear in the second episode this season of ABC's hit show Lost. broke the news in an article on guest appearances by Star Trek actors on television this fall, including the return of William Shatner (Kirk) and Nana Visitor (Kira) to Boston Legal and Wildfire respectively and the arrival of Brent Spiner (Data) to Threshold and Jeri Ryan (Seven of Nine) to The O.C..

According to SpoilerFix, the episode, "Adrift", will feature flashbacks centering on one of the raft crew which has tried to flee the island as the group fights a new predator in the sea. The series focuses on a group of castaways stranded in a mysterious place where inexplicable events keep happening. Several new shows this season are reported to be attempting to duplicate its formula, including Brannon Braga's Threshold, which is about an alien invasion.

If her flashback scenes on Lost involve the character Jin, played by Daniel Dae Kim, Blalock will be reunited with the former Enterprise recurring actor. Kim played MACO Corporal Chang in "The Xindi", "Extinction" and "Hatchery," He also appeared in Star Trek: Voyager's "Blink of an Eye" as Gotana-Retz.

Blalock, like Voyager's Robert Picardo, has played a recurring character in the Stargate franchise. Picardo is scheduled to return to Stargate SG-1 on September 16th.

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