Julia Houston On Trek Lessons For Voyager

By Christian
September 12, 2000 - 9:58 PM

Over at About.com's Star Trek Fans, Julia Houston has put up this week's new feature article, writing about the endings of the Original Series and Deep Space Nine, and how Voyager should learn from them. The article begins with a look at the Original Series' message, and how it performed in syndication reruns:

As every Trekker knows, the real "phenomenon" of Star Trek had little to do with the show's first run in prime time television. The show's true fortune and fame didn't start until the show was canceled and shown in syndication.

In other words, the Star Trek franchise was built on reruns. And, if you think about it, it had to be.

TOS tried to show people a truly different view of the future. Sure, there was a WW III in there, but humanity got over it. We conquered our baser attributes and went out amongst the stars to found a peaceful federation of planets, explore the stars in the name of friendship and cooperation, seek out new life, new civilizations, yadda, yadda.

The Earth of Kirk and Spock's time has no war, no hunger, no greed. It's supposedly free of racial prejudice (at least for humans), ignorance, warlords, drug addiction, corrupt politicians, and even mental illness. Produced by a society almost torn apart by civil discord and dramatically aware of its own failings, Star Trek's Earth manages nothing short of a foreseeable human paradise.

In the full article, Julia writes more on the Original Series, and the rather final ending of Deep Space Nine, and advises Voyager not to follow that route as well.

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