Gaming Bullets

By Christian
September 12, 2000 - 3:00 PM

  • Tim McConnaughy at GameSpy has posted his review of 'New Worlds', awarding the Interplay title a rating of 65%.

  • And Ryan Thompson at the Gaming Awage awards 'New Worlds' a D+ grade.

  • Even more negative is the MPOG review, in which Kevin Jenkins presents the game with one out of five stars.
  • Ben Welch-Bolen at the Gamers Depot has written a review of 'Star Trek: ConQuest Online', speaking not very positively about it.

  • Bernard Dy at the Gaming Age has written a review of Simon & Schuster's 'Starship Creator Warp 2', awarding it just a 4/10.

  • IGN has put up a game guide for 'Star Trek: Klingon Academy', Interplay's new space game, giving you full details on how to beat the game. You'll have to be a registered IGN member (which is free) to be able to see the guide.

  • And there's a review of the game up at, written by Michael Cheek.

  • Starting their Star Trek week, the people at GameSpot UK have put up another preview of 'Voyager: Elite Force', focusing mostly on the capture-the-flag multiplayer game.

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