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Pine On 'Star Trek XI's' Character Focus

By T'Bonz
August 12, 2008 - 9:35 PM

In Star Trek XI, fans will discover why Kirk is Kirk, Spock is Spock, etc. according to Chris Pine.

As reported by Crave Online, Star Trek XI will have the usual special effects but is a character driven film.

"I think what's new about this particular version of Star Trek and what J.J. and Bob and Alex were able to bring to it that's new and really exciting is an incredible amount of humanity to the roles," said Pine. "For a project that can be so, there's a lot of spectacle to it, there's explosions and graphics and computer graphics and that. There's a lot of, it is really character driven. You really get to see why Kirk is Kirk, why Spock is Spock, how this crew got together...They did an incredible job of casting."

Pine went on to explain what is appealing about Star Trek. "You have to believe that these people would fight and die for one another," he said. "That's what made the original series so good and I think they did that. When people see what Zach [Quinto] did with the role and what Karl [Urban] did with his role, what Zoe [Saldana] did with Uhura, she really expanded on a role that I think people will be really surprised and really excited."

Even though Pine is playing a character made famous by someone else, that doesn't mean portraying Kirk exactly the same way as William Shatner did. "I think what J.J. set forth in the beginning of the whole thing was to pay tribute to what was done before, to respect what these men had already given us in terms of creating their characters and then to bring our own unique take on it," said Pine. "I think that opened up just really myriad possibilities. I never felt in particular, I don't know about Zach but I'm sure he would say the same thing is, I never felt encumbered. I only felt, "Thank God that we were given such a great foundation for these characters because I don't really have to do all that much different from what they've given us." Then J.J. being the kind of wonderful, positive creative force that he is kind of let us do whatever we wanted."

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