Viacom Announces Trek-Themed Communicator Phone

By Christian
August 12, 2005 - 9:45 PM

From late September onwards, Trek fans will have one more way to show their allegiance to the Trek franchise beyond downloading a "Faith of the Heart" ringtone -- they will be able to buy a complete Star Trek-themed mobile phone.

The phone is being developed by Viacom Consumer Products and a company called Sona Mobile, whose name was presumably not inspired by Star Trek: Insurrection's main hostile race, the Son'a. The so-called Star Trek Communicator Phone will be themed after the Starfleet communicators seen on Star Trek, and will come with a multi-player online Trek game as well as access to Trek-themed wallpapers, news, and, yes, ringtones.

Viacom executive Sandi Isaacs suggested in a press release that releasing a Trek-themed phone won't just be good business sense, but will also be a good way to spread the Star Trek philosophy around the world. "There is a tremendous opportunity to tap into Star Trek fans around the world and offer them a device to interact, connect and download Star Trek entertainment. This not only promotes the Star Trek spirit but creates a new paradigm for the wireless community."

Sona Mobile is a company that has primarily worked in the financial market, providing wireless content to corporate clients. Their Sona Wireless Platform allows users to stream video clips on their phone, while at the same time sending text messages to their friends or accessing information on the internet. Whether this feature will be beneficial to Trek fans will be something they can found on the 30th of September, 2005, when the Star Trek Communicator Phone is currently scheduled for release.

For more information on this product, check out the full press release from Viacom and Sona Mobile.

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