Herd Proud To Be Part Of Voyager

By Lisa
August 12, 2001 - 9:57 PM

The man who played Voyager's most famous father Richard Herd (Admiral Owen Paris) was recently interviewed about his time on the show. Though the actor was proud of his role in the series, he felt even more lucky to have the role in the first place.

"He was originally played by another actor [Warren Munson, in 'Persistence of Vision']," he told Star Trek Monthly (via CyFy Pulse) "I only found that out after I did my first episode; I don't know what happened with the original actor. So I feel doubly blessed really."

The on screen relationship between Tom Paris and his father mirrored the close relationship between Robert Duncan McNeill and Herd. "Robbie is a good actor and a good guy," Herd said. "I first met him and his family two or three years ago at a convention in Blackpool. I see parallels with his life and my own. Robbie has three children, and my wife pat and I have three children. And when I look at Robbie, I see a bit of myself at his age. I have hopes for him both as my 'son' and as a man."

"I was very happy about how they had written me into the finale," said the actor, turning his attention to 'Endgame.' "I had always hope to be in the final episode, but I didn't know anything for sure until just before we shot it. [The producers] wanted to keep the storyline a secret, so it was all done on a need to know basis."

"Personally, I was just pleased to be there," he continued. "When I did the last episode of Seinfield, that made me a part of Seinfield history. When Don Bellisario wrote me a role in the last episode of Quantum Leap, I earned a place in Quantum Leap history. And now, thanks to 'Endgame,' I'm a proud part of Star Trek: Voyager history. I've been fortunate to be on certain pages of history."

The full interview with Richard Herd can be found in this month's edition of 'Star Trek Monthly,' out now in the United Kingdom. Alternatively, a transcript can be found at CyFy Pulse.

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