DS9 Stars To Appear On Voyager?

By Christian
August 12, 2000 - 10:43 PM

The new edition of the British Star Trek Monthly Magazine includes a report about a recent UPN press conference, held on the actual 'Voyager' sets, during which executive producers Rick Berman and Brannon Braga talked about the show's seventh and final season. Jonathan Davies was kind enough to send in a transcript of the article.

During the conference, Berman told Star Trek Monthly reporter Sue Schneider that Voyager's closing hours could feature guest appearances from former DS9 actors, assuming the U.S.S. Voyager actually makes it back to the Alpha Quadrant. "Maybe, towards the last episodes of Voyager, some of the Deep Space Nine people that returned to Earth will get to star on Voyager. [...] If Voyager does get back to Earth, we might be running into characters from a number of different places."

In addition to this, Berman said that the Voyager writing staff is still thinking about ways to let John DeLancie return to the show for a third time as Q. According to Berman, they are always looking for a good premise for Q, but they are rather hard to come by. "It's difficult to deal with someone who is omnipotent."

Brannon Braga added to this that if Q would return to to Voyager, the tone of his appearance should be different from how it was in the third-season episode 'The Q and the Grey'. According to Braga, the writers "felt that it was a solid episode, but maybe we had moved too far away Q the villain. [...] And we realised if we were to do Q again, it would have to be something very special."

Thanks go out to Jonathan Davies for sending this in! Be sure to check out his Star Trek web site.

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