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By Christian
August 12, 2000 - 10:01 PM

Hello World!

Thank heavens no one was following me today with a hidden camera, or they could simply have used the footage for a remake of 'Attack of the Killer Wasps'. I was at a big family birthday today (three birthdays celebrated on the same day), so we were with about 15 people or so, and we all spent practically much all our time dancing and waving around trying to get the wasps away. I can personally proudly claim a score of 5-0 (note to wasps: crawling under raised shoes does not increase your life expectation by too much), but not everyone was quite as lucky. In the end we just put a cup of the stickiest, sweetest stuff we could find on a table a few meters from us away, which took care of most of the wasps, but this is definitely one family meeting which we'll be talking about for a few years to come.

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What was the first Trek series you watched regularly?
The Next Generation 45.5% - (448 Votes)
The Original Series 35.7% - (352 Votes)
Voyager 9.9% - (98 Votes)
Deep Space Nine 8.6% - (85 Votes)

Total Votes: 984

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Happy Birthday!

Today is the 88th birthday of Jane Wyatt, who appearedin the Original Series episode 'Journey To Babel' at 'Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home' as Amanda, Spock's mother.

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