Blalock Spills Makeover Secrets

By Caillan
July 12, 2003 - 10:36 AM

Stuff the Xindi — the question on everyone's lips concering season three is, 'What will T'Pol's new outfit be like?' In a recent interview, actress Jolene Blalock dropped some hints on what designs the Vulcan vixen will be sporting this season.

"She's not going to have her usual uniform," Blalock told SFX's Beaumont Livingston (via the Great Link). "No catsuit. I get to have input into the designs of her outfits and in the design of the wig this time, so I'm very fortunate as an actress, trying to stay absolutely true to her character...they will be ensemble sets instead of a one-piece suit."

Brown is likely to be on the way out this season, judging by Blalock's comments. "There will probably be several different outfits, colours and patterns throughout the season."

And what about T'Pol's wig? Although Janeway managed to have several radical coiffure changes 75,000 light years away from a decent hairdresser, T'Pol will not have time to visit the salon for a complete overhaul on her way into the Delphic Expanse. Blalock said her new hairdo will only be "two inches longer" and will "probably be the same colour".

"It may go a variation lighter but you wouldn't be able to notice. They're looking for something a little cuter, not the bowl that we've been using. That's not the easiest thing to pull off, you know!"

The complete interview, in which Blalock also talked about her expectations for the new season, can be found in the latest issue of SFX. Alternatively, excerpts are available at the Great Link.

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