Eisenberg Talks Trekker Tribute

By Caillan
July 12, 2001 - 1:42 PM

After the experience of working on Deep Space Nine, Aron Eisenberg (Nog) opened a tribute web site to thank the Trek fanbase for its support over the years.

"For a while, I have wanted to do something for the fans for all the great work they enabled me to have on the show by watching the show and keeping us alive," Eisenberg told Jacqueline Bundy at the Trekker Newsletter.

"I couldn't think of anything and then 'Trekkies,' the movie, came out," he continued. "I felt it was mean-spirited and wanted to change that. I wanted people to see the fans the way that I see them. Just people. People who happen to love Star Trek. Not the stereotype that is given. Some are, but that is no different than any extreme sports fanatic or the like."

In order to accomplish this, Eisenberg established TrekFriends.com, a web site dedicated to the fans of Star Trek. "I developed this site for the fans," he said. "To give then their due. And to be a part of it. To contribute and help in the development of the site as the time goes by. We are still in our infancy and just growing now. I am hoping to create an incredible community for and about the fans! A community for them to meet and get to know the fans all over the world."

Established on March 31st this year, the site currently includes photo galleries of fans at conventions and details of upcoming events. In the future, Eisenberg hopes to include fan-written articles and convention reports, in addition to holding regular chats.

"It is a positive site about the fans, for the fans, run by myself," the actor concluded. "It is a site dedicated to them by me in thanks for all their diehard support of our show. It is a tribute to them."

To visit Aron Eisenberg's web site, please follow this link. The original article can be found here at the Trekker Newsletter.

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