New Sev Trek Cartoon

By Lisa
July 12, 2001 - 11:08 AM

Over at Sev Trek, John Cook has posted the latest completed Sev Trek cartoon. It can be found below, along with the latest punchline contest for the next comic.

In the latest completed cartoon, entitled "Trimming the EMH," Bologna Torrid and Ten out of Ten needed to service the holographic doctor's program - much to his alarm.

Sev Trek Comic Strip header
Sev Trek Comic Strip. Copyright 2001 by John Cook.

Think you can come up with a better punchline? Take a look at these comic below, and submit your own ideas for next week's winning punchline. The winners will be published next week.

Sev Trek Cartoon Contest header
Sev Trek Cartoon Contest. Copyright 2001 by John Cook.

In this week's competition:

Mindreading Quirk!
We delve into the dark and disturbing mind of Captain Quirk (or possibly very light and airy)...

You can submit your punchlines by filling out the following form:


More Sev Trek cartoons can be found at the Sev Wide Web.

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