Ed Hines Reviews 'Alice'

By Christian
July 12, 2000 - 10:53 PM

Ed Hines at the Trek Nation has put up a new review, looking back at Voyager's sixth-season episode 'Alice'. One of the things he praises the episode for is the character development for Tom Paris:

The simple, redeeming effort behind "Alice," however, is undoubtedly its attempt to portray an "evolved" Paris — showing us how far he's really come. His passion, for example, is not something to be casually dismissed, whether he's designing and building the Delta Flyer or restoring Alice. Everyone needs passion. Everyone needs an inner fire to ignite his or her interest in something. Passion is a palpable part of being alive, and in "Alice," thanks to Robert Duncan McNeill's emotional delivery, we learn about a pivotal day at age 8 when Paris flew a shuttlecraft for the first time. After a rocky start, when he couldn't even keep the craft level, Paris suddenly achieved a moment of "clarity" when everything made sense, and only then did he really begin flying. "Alice" only briefly delves into this heretofore unknown depth of Paris, but in that time we manage to learn that, despite all the starships he's piloted, he's still hoping to recapture that illusive, first-time feeling of clarity.

In the full review, the episode is awarded 2 stars.

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