'Legacy' Screen Shots, Interview Reveal Ship Details

By Michelle
June 12, 2006 - 10:17 PM

A new interview with the developer and new screen shots from Star Trek: Legacy reveal some of the details of the upcoming game, including how some of the space weapons will work.

Dr. Ian Lane Davis, the Doc of Mad Doc Software which created the game for publisher Bethesda Softworks, told FiringSquad that he found ship-to-ship battles to be the most riveting moments in the series. "We've immersed players in the very heart of Star Trek's most defining, compelling question: 'To live or die in battle?'", he said. "Star Trek has resonated so deeply with fans because itís about things we can all identify with: friendship, loyalty, bravery, adversity, life and death, good vs evil, the things that bind us."

Davis did not want to give away details about which particular events were included in Legacy, but he said that novice gamers could "jump right in and start playing" while experienced gamers would find advanced tactics to explore. "With Mad Docís top-notch AI, you donít need to constantly micro-manage your ships. You can hop into any pilotís seat when you want while using special attacks," he said.

Though players can command large battleships, Davis said that the scouts have more maneuverability. "Personally, at the end of a long day, thereís nothing more enjoyable than taking the Defiant out for a spin. Firepower, speed, tight turns...that ship has it all. Sisko was a lucky man," he said.

Screen shots of the Defiant, the Enterprise and other ships from Legacy are available from TeamXbox.

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