De Lancie Talks Q, Piller and Mulgrew

By Michelle
June 12, 2006 - 9:39 PM

John de Lancie acknowledges that the role of Q is "going to be the tomato that sticks on the wall" when people think of his career, which is fine with him: "I am delighted that I had the opportunity and it's given me a lot of other opportunities."

In an interview at told UnderGround Online, the theatrically trained actor likened the omnipotent Q to Pistol from Shakespeare's Henry V, though he acknowledged that he has not performed in any work of the Bard's for a long time because few west coast theatres are producing the plays. De Lancie does not watch much television and said, "It's all just pretend anyways. You're pretending to be a doctor or pretending to be a lawyer, or pretending to be an omnipotent being."

Asked whether he had given any advice to his old friend Kate Mulgrew when she was cast as Janeway, the actor recalled that he had not needed to give her any but he had suggested to executive producer Rick Berman that they hire her. "I remember saying, 'You couldn't ask for a better person,' because Kate is a real worker. She comes in, does her job, and she's always letter perfect."

De Lancie also worked on executive producer Michael Piller's Legend. He remembers the late writer as intelligent, with "a very high degree of integrity about what it was that he wanted to get done", and "you had a sense that he really loved what he was doing."

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