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By Michelle
June 11, 2005 - 11:03 PM

  • When Star Wars creator George Lucas received the American Film Institute's lifetime achievement award on Thursday night, William Shatner (Kirk) honoured him by singing "My Way", saying that the song was "from one star voyager to another" while dancers in Star Wars stormtrooper costumes did a chorus line routine. Shatner told Lucas to live long, but added, "You've already prospered enough." More about the tribute can be found in The Globe and Mail.

  • DVD Answers has artwork for a two-season release of Shatner's cop show T.J. Hooker.

  • Patrick Stewart (Picard) has autographed several items to benefit The Elephant Sanctuary. Information on the auction is here. Thanks to The Patrick Stewart Network.

  • The Louise Fletcher Appreciation Page has text and photos from an article from May's House Beautiful written by Louise Fletcher (Kai Winn) about a farmhouse she renovated in France.

  • Yahoo! notes that Ed Bishop, who played Commander Straker on UFO and performed a guest voice for the Star Trek animated episode "Majicks of Megas-Tu", has passed away. Thanks to Alex.

  • A group of scientists at Rheinische Friedrich-Wilhelms-University Bonn is doing a study on Star Trek fandom if you would like to participate. Thanks to the Deutscher Star Trek Index.

  • In merchandise news, reports on Polar Lights' model kits of the NX-01 and other Star Trek ships.

  • The Prop Store Of London has original Deep Space Nine props for sale. Thanks to Sid City.

  • Editor Marco Palmieri reports at the TrekBBS that A Time to Be Born, Worlds of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Volume One and Engines of Destiny have sold out at Pocket Books and are going back to press for additional printings.

  • Wigglefish has book reviews of Errand of Vengeance Book One: Seeds of Fury and S.C.E. Book Seven, Breakdowns.

  • Prometheus Records has released the original motion picture soundtrack to the 1969 political thriller The Chairman, which was scored by Star Trek composer Jerry Goldsmith. Details are at Cinescape.

  • Engadget deconstructs Star Trek's transporter.

  • Jammer at Star Trek: Hypertext has posted reviews of Enterprise's final episodes, "Demons", "Terra Prime" and "These Are the Voyages..."

  • The Home Theater Forum has a review of the Star Trek: Insurrection Special Edition with screen captures that detail the reviewer's disappointment in the transfer.

  • TrekPulse Movies has posted 1100 new screen captures from the Insurrection SE DVD.

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