'Elite Force II' Goes Gold

By Caillan
June 12, 2003 - 11:52 AM

'Elite Force II' box - courtesy Amazon.comThe Star Trek: Elite Force II computer game will hit stores later this month.

Activision's sequel to 2000's Star Trek: Voyager: Elite Force has "gone gold", according to a press release at Ritualistic.com. The phrase "gone gold" means that all beta testing on the game has been completed and it is ready to be shipped off for duplication.

Developed by Ritual Entertainment, Elite Force II begins on board the USS Voyager during the events of the series finale, "Endgame". Taking the guise of Hazard Team member Alexander Munro, the player must help Voyager escape from the Borg Sphere as it hurtles towards the Alpha Quadrant.

After Voyager's triumphant homecoming, Lieutenant Munro is stationed at Starfleet Academy before moving on to the Enterprise-E. It is on the Enterprise that the main storyline kicks into gear: a mysterious new alien race is launching attacks on starships and colonies. Numerous Trek alumni provide voices for the game, including Patrick Stewart and Tim Russ as Jean-Luc Picard and Tuvok, respectively.

Elite Force II, which is said to be twice as long as the original, features 12 missions, each with seven levels; 14 different weapons, including the Bat'leth, sniper rifle and grenade launcher; and alien races such as the Romulans, Klingons, the Borg and a new species, the Exomorphs.

Here's a round-up of the latest Elite Force news:

  • Voodoo Extreme has posted an interview with Ritual Entertainment's creative director, Jon Galloway. In the Q&A, he talked about some of the new alien races which are featured in the game:

    The story also involves two separate races, the Attrexians and the Idryll. The Idryll are a fallen and worn race of intellectuals with a rich culture and have dreams of a past in which they once controlled vast areas of space. The Attrexians are a boastful bunch of slothful industrialists, who tear worlds apart seeking to gain wealth from the spoils; currently the Attrexians have a ruling thumb over the Idryll and feel the Idryll dreams of the past are just wishful thinking.

    Read more at this page.

  • TrekNews.de has made the intro video for the game available for download in DivX format. The file is 11.25 MB.

  • Australia's PC Powerplay magazine features a short article on Elite Force II in its July, 2003 issue. "Ritual offers some of the finest elements of action gaming in Elite Force 2," the magazine said. "Trekkies and ordinary folk alike will have something in common to rejoice over."

  • The Colony 7 single-player modification for the original Elite Force game has been named "Mod of the Month" by PC Gamer.

The game is currently scheduled for release in Europe on June 20, North America on June 24 and Australia on June 27. To pre-order Elite Force II and support TrekToday, please use the following links: Amazon.com - Amazon.co.uk - Amazon.de.

The original press release can be found here at Ritualistic.com. Thanks to Bijay Purakaayastha, Adam Narramore and 'oIce_BreakeRo' for this!

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